Ho West is one of the constituencies represented in the Parliament of Ghana. Ho West is located on the Hohoe-Saviefe road of the Volta Region of Ghana. With its capital as Dzolo-Kpuita. It thrives primarily on Agriculture and the sales of these produces, Ho West has a large stretch of fertile Agricultural land favorable for the production of food crops like roots and tubers, cereals (rice, maises etc.) vegetables and legumes
Ho west also has a number of markets in almost all the villages and the local District Assembly is making efforts to develop these markets to improve on the living standards of the people and improve its own revenue generation. Health of the people is of great importance hence the establishment oh CHIPS centers. The district also have community health centers in Abutia, Hlefi, Dzolo Kpuita, Dzolo Gborgame, Vane, Kpedze etc


The main economic activities are farming, fishing, animal rearing, petty commerce and tourism.


The people of the region are made up of Ewe, Adele, Nchumuru, Akpafu, Atwode, Lolbi, Tafi, Avatime and Akan. Others are Santrokofi, Nyagbo, Buem, Bowiri, Logba, Ga-Adangbe.

THE VOLTA REGION-Regional capital: HO

It is the most easterly region of Ghana and shares a border with Togo on the Eastern side of the country, western with the Volta River and Lake. The southern border is the Atlantic Ocean, while the north shares a boundary with the Northern Region. The region boasts of many tourist attractions, including the Keta Lagoon, Mt. Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana (2,095ft) and the Keta basin, the lowest point in Ghana. The region is also dominated by the Volta Lake and stretches from the coastal plains on the Atlantic coast right up to the arid lands of the north.
The lake is a source of power, and much of the water for the region; it is the water highway to the north, a great fishing lake as well as a popular recreational area. The region is lushly vegetated and relatively mountainous. The main towns in this region are Ho (The capital, largest and busiest city), Hohoe and Kpando. There are also some very good hotels in this region, which are comparable to other regions in Ghana and will meet your expectations.

The main dishes of this Region are ‘Akple’ with okro soup, fufu with palmnut soup, ‘Abolo’ with shrimps and ‘one man thousand’ fish with banku with okro stew or pepper, red-red or beans stew and fried plantain. Volta tilapia is a delicacy and can be enjoyed at riverside hotels such as Afrikiko, the Continental and Aylos Bay which are also good places to stay.


It is pretty much easy to get to this region, as Ho is a ransport hub, well connected to most parts of Ghana. There are plenty of buses and trotros that run directly between Accra and Ho on a daily basis. The STC runs two buses daily to Ho except on Sundays. To travel from Ho towards the Eastern border and ports such as Keta and Aflao requires that you change vehicles at Akatsi.