Addressing celebrants of Tsibu E.P Church’s 125th Anniversary as the Guest Speaker, the Ho West Legislator admonished politicians not to make promises simply because they want votes, rather, they should make promises that serve the supreme interest of citizens and are doable.

Hon. Bedzrah held that the current economic hardship in the country is as a result of a political party bent on implementing political promises that were ill thought through, and said that shouldn’t be the case all the times.

He also bemoaned the decaying moral values of society and tasked the Church to play more active role in correcting the canker, saying over 70% of Ghanaians are Christians and many of them find themselves at various work places. According to him, if the Church plays its role more effectively in building the moral lives of its members, issues of corruption and other social vices that are destroying the country would be reduced drastically.

Hon. Bedzrah appealed to members of the E.P. Church to take keen interest in ensuring the Church’s University College survives competition to enable it to continue to provide access to quality and affordable tertiary education to the people of Volta region and beyond.

According to him, there are signs of the nearness of the End Time. He cited the murder of a Saudi Journalist in the country’s Consulate in Turkey on October 2, 2018 as one of the many unfortunate incidents of bloods (brothers) standing against and killing one another as preached by the Bible as a sign of the End Time. He therefore admonished Christians to remain resolute and worship God with pure heart as we await the second coming of Christ.


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