The much awaited visit of the former President John Mahama (JM) that has heightened discussions and anxiety finally came off today. 
The constituency communication officers,  Hon. Ameh Robert and Mr. Kwabeng Sitsofe deepened the awareness of the visit with discussion of trending national issues and JM’s candidature at the Dzolokpuita community information center from 5:00am to 7:30am. 
It is highly interesting to note that Ho West was used by the former President as a Gateway and a Pace setter for the Volta Region. 
Ho West constituents with unique enthusiastic and committed spirit  and love for JM, converged at the scheduled ground at exactly 7:30am ahead of the scheduled time, 8:30am to give the former president an overwhelming welcome at exactly 9:40am after having close door meeting with Paramount Chiefs, Queen mothers, Religious  Leaders and Key Stakeholders to discuss the progress of the constituency and to ask for their prayers and support.  

JM took the platform to address delegates and the whole fraternity after his introduction by his campaign manager and observing a minute silence in memory of the late Former Deputy Minister for Energy and Petroleum, Hon.  Ben Dagadu.          

Speaking Points:               

✅Recounted the NDC projects in the Constituency  and lamented about the ones in progress which have been abandoned by the NPP government. 

✅The decline in votes pulled by the party in the Constituency in 2016,  7, 023 votes as compared with 2012, 8000 votes and strategies to avert the situation. 

✅Unity after internal elections. 

✅Building party office for each constituency to avert embarrassment from landlords. 

✅ Database for all registered members for easy identification of potentials for employment. 

✅Rewarding party  foot-soldiers through identification and recommendation. 

✅ Building 200 Senior High Schools (SHSs) to abolish the double track or the “traffic light” in the SHSs.                 

✅He urged the Constituents to pursue the government for their 2 million U.S. dollars as part of the ”one constituency one million dollar” promise because money cannot expired as they are saying. 

✅ He affirmed that NPP fears him much towards the 2020 race. 

✅ J.M. and his entourage proceeded to other constituencies after the closing prayer.                       

✅Ho West Vigilante group, the ‘Hawks’ was inaugurated.                     

✅ The program saw a massive turn out and was massively graced by Regional Executives, former Constituency Executives and appointees. 


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